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The other day I replaced my old ShurFlo RV water pump with a higher quality Made in the USA brand, the USA Adventure Gear ProGear 5300. The ProGear 5300 is a more powerful pump with beefier “Made in America” components.

The USA Adventure Gear company is a small business run by an RVer based in Colorado. The only downside I saw was the price, more than double the typical OEM pumps. I paid $189 on Amazon for it. I figure you get what you pay for. As avid boondockers, we use our pump a ton. Also, you can get excellent support over the phone even. It sounds like they stand behind their products.

Since the new pump has a higher max current rating of 12 amps, I needed to install a high amperage relay. My existing water pump switch is only designed for an 8 amp max draw. I also decided to run new thicker power wiring for the pump. I ran six gauge wires for the negative ground and 12 VDC positive lines to a 15 amp fuse on the RV power distribution panel.

Installing a New RV Water Pump - USA Adventure Gear

The plumbing hookup was dead simple since the old pump connectors threaded perfectly onto the new pump’s quick connections. All that was left to do was mount it and tidy up the hoses.

Installing a New RV Water Pump Video

So far, I’m impressed with the power and flow of the new pump but a little disappointed with how loud it is. I thought, for the money, it would be a quieter running pump. After using this pump for a few months, I’ll come back with a review.

*UPDATE* on Yesterdays Water Pump Install – WRONG Pump for the Job

Yesterday I published a video detailing the installation of a USA Adventure Gear ProGear 5300. It ended up being much louder than the ShurFlo Revolution pump I was previously using. It turns out it was the wrong pump for the job. However, due to a shipping mix-up by Amazon, I still had the ProGear 3200 model that I was going to send back. So, I decided to give it a try. It turns out it works great and runs much quieter! Seems like a great little pump. And it only draws five amps maximum so that I won’t need the relay.

More Updates – Added a Shurflo Accumulator Tank

In this video, I update you on some new off-grid gear I’m using for processing my RV’s fresh water and waste. First, I show a new addition to my onboard 12V water pump system. I installed a Shurflo accumulator tank to smooth out its flow. Then I update you on a few things to do with the new Rhino 36 gallon sewer tote. The video finishes with a look at a 12V port installed for my water transfer pump for use with a new 60-gallon freshwater bladder.

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Upgrading the RV Water Pump and Adding an Accumulator Tank

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