12 Volt Wireless Switch Mod for my 40A DC-DC Charger

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In this video, I install an inexpensive 12VDC wireless switch to turn my Renogy 40 amp DC-DC charger on and off remotely. This will be a nice option to have when towing the trailer.  In hot weather, stop-and-go traffic, or while pulling a long steep hill, I may rather have the DC-DC charger off to keep the alternator from overheating. I won’t have to stop and manually switch it off.

I used the incoming alternator voltage from the truck to power the eMylo 12V switch. It then remote switches the 12VDC trigger power line to the DC-DC charger I had previously wired from my trailer marker light circuit. I elected to use the trailer running lights power so I won’t forget to turn off the charger when the truck is off, and we are parked.

Installing a 12VDC Wireless Switch in my RV

Renogy 40 Amp DC-DC Charger Installation and Demo

12VDC Wireless Swtich Mod for DC-DC Charger

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