Afternoon Boat Cruise Near Campbell River, BC – Orca Sightings!

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In this video, I join my wife Anne and our beagle Angie on a late August 2018 afternoon boat cruise. We board her 17.5 foot Arima Seachaser runabout and set sail for Mitlenatch Island.

Mitlnatch Island is a BC provincial nature park located off the coast of Vancouver Island south of Quadra Island. It is home to one of the largest seabird colonies in the Strait of Georgia plus seals and sea lions.

Once out on the water, I give you some 360 views with my new Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder. Other than a fun day on the water part of the reason for the trip is to test out the new camera. Rocking and rolling the little boat was a perfect test bed to check out its zoom and image stabilization features. I also took the opportunity to test out my new Sony ECMXYST1M External Mic. I was amazed by Sony camcorders BOSS image stabilization, top notch. The mic sounded good but did let in some wind noise even with the attached dead cat windscreen.

After puttering around Mitlenatch Island, we headed a bit north and were treated to a passing pod of Orca (aka. Killer Whales). The small pod consisted of several females, a large bull male, and 1 or 2 babies. The little Killer Whales are so dang cute! We spent an hour or so watching them put on a show. The Orca played in the ocean waters performing many spy hops, tail slaps, and even some larger breaching. What a sight! We were blown away by the size of the male Orcas dorsal fin.

As the sun started sinking in the western sky, we headed back to port with huge grins and treated ourselves to a big steak dinner. Another fabulous west coast day in the memory books.

Video of Our Boat Cruise and Orca Sightings

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