ANTOP TV Antenna Review – Testing for RV Use (Model AT415B)

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Demo and review of an OTA (Over the Air) TV antenna from a company in Ontario, California, called ANTOP.

In the video, I test the ANTOP AT415B in two locations. One is a very fringe reception area, and another is a place with numerous OTA TV stations. I compare the ANTOP’s performance to my existing KING Jack RV TV antenna and my previous Winegard Sensor. 

Fair Disclosure: The review sample was sent free of charge. However, I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the video.

ANTOP AT415B TV Antenna Review Video

Overall the ANTOP did a great job in the weak signal area and was comparable in the better signal strength area. Omnidirectional is a big plus as no antenna pointing is required, but installation in an RV could be awkward. The hardware appears more aimed a home use. I used a flag pole to mount it. Construction quality is just fair. Nothing to write home about.

I’ll continue to test it out as I spend the next few months camping in the southwest USA. I’ll report back this spring with an update on more location tests.

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