Aolithium Power Kit – First Look, Tests and Review

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In this video, I look at an upcoming product from Aolithium. The Aolithum Power Kit is an inverter/charger box that can hook up to 8 Aolithium 12V batteries. It can charge those batteries via solar or shore power. Power outputs include a 2000W pure sine wave inverter, 8 amp 12VDC power socket, and USB outlets. The boxes can also be paralleled to increase the inverter power output to 4000W.

Fair Disclosure: The Aolithium Kit review sample was received free of charge. However, I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the video.

I gather that Aolithum will release these Power Kits via crowdfunding soon. When they do, I’ll return with a review after a more long-term test. 

Aolithium Power Station Review – Thumbs Down for RVers

I’m back with my review of the Aolithium Power Kit I first tested out back in July of this year. The short answer is I like the batteries and solar panel but not the inverter power box. It needs a 24V input, which is impractical for most RVers, and the build quality isn’t that great. Good points for it are that the 2000W inverter performs well, and the unit is compact and lightweight. Finally, I’m not a fan of the Kickstarter launch, but maybe the deal might be worth it for some people.


  • Quality Built LiFEPO4 Batteries
  • Nice Solar Panel
  • Light/Compact Power Box
  • Good 2000W Inverter
  • Able to Parallel for 4000Ws
  • Can Be Expanded to 8 Batteries


  • Needs 24V Input
  • Low Wattage Charging Levels
  • Don’t Like the Case and Buttons
  • Kickstarter

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Aolithium Power Kit Review

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