Bluetti AC300 + B300 Portable Lithium Power Station Review

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Part one of my in-depth review of the Bluetti AC300 portable power station and its B300 battery. I’m breaking my review into several videos to keep the videos relatively short.

In this video, I introduce the AC300 + B300 and review its main features, specs, and what is included regarding hookup cables. I discuss all the input and output ports and product weight and dimensions.

In Part 2, we’ll test its charging and discharging and what the Bluetti AC300 will power in the RV. Stay tuned!

Pt 2 – AC Charging/Discharging & Battery Capacity Tests

I test the B300 battery capacity in this video using a 600W constant draw on the inverter output. Then, I do a maximum AC grid input test up to 3000 watts and a max AC discharge using two space heaters and a heat gun. The AC300 performed remarkably well.

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