BougeRV 180 Watt Solar Panel Review

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In this video, I demo a 180W solar panel from a company called BougeRV. I have reviewed their 170W panels in the past, but this is the newer, more powerful panel. Overall, it looks like an OK panel build-wise and puts out close to the max-rated watts in my tests.

I tested charging a 12V Aolithium battery using an old PWM solar controller and got 120 charging watts. Then I tried with an MPPT controller and saw over 160 watts. Test conditions were a mid-autumn day, so relatively low sun angle.

Disclaimer: I received the 180W solar panel as a complimentary review sample from BougeRV, and I’m an affiliate.

BougeRV 180 Watt Solar Panel Review Video

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Review of the BougeRV 180 watt 12V solar panel

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