Canadian Snowbirds – Our Current Phone/Internet Plans & Devices (2021)

Canadian Snowbirds 2021 - Our Current Phone and Internet Plans and Devices Feature Photo

A video detailing the various cell and internet devices and plans we are using for this winter’s 21/22 snowbird travels in the southwest USA. Plus dashcam footage of driving on Interstate Highway10 through Palm Springs, California. Related Links: Starlink Internet Videos HiBoost Cell Booster Installation Winegard Connect 2 WiFi Booster Thinkware Dashcam Review Freedom Mobile … Read more

Squealing RV Water Heater Fix – Failed Check Valve

In this video, I locate and replace a faulty brass 1/2″ check valve (one-way valve) in the RV water heater output piping. It turns out the rubber o-ring had split, and the spring was vibrating against the brass casing, making a heck of a racket. I was able to narrow down the problem to the … Read more