DC to DC Buck Converter Mod to Reduce the RV 12 VDC Supply to 4.5 VDC

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In this video, I install a device called a “buck converter” in my RV to power my Lacrosse Weather Station display. By doing this, I will no longer need to replace it’s 3 AAA batteries. This will save me money over time and maintain my weather station settings.

See previous post and video on the weather station install and review for the reason why I run on battery power versus the AC wall plug.

I explain what the buck converter does and give you a demo of it in action. I also show how I modded my weather station display building the converter right inside it. Then, how I wired it in the RV’s 12 volt supply. I used the same 12 VDC power source that my See Level tank monitor runs off. I was able to hide the wiring behind the wall for a clean looking installation!

Disclaimer: Working with electricity can be dangerous. Iā€™m not a certified RV technician merely an RV owner. This post and video should not be taken as instructional. If you decide to do a similar type mod as depicted in the video, do the research and be aware of all risks involved. I accept no liability, you have been warned. ā€“ Ray

UPDATE – I did some testing. I found what I think is the main filter capacitor 470uf 16 volts. I plugged in the OEM 5VAC wall adapter and measured 7 VDC on the cap. This would be expected after a bridge rectification. Then I fed 5 VDC into the input jack and measured 4.5 VDC on the cap. Also expected as there would be a voltage drop across diodes. It’s quite the difference. I guess there is enough regulation to compensate. But folks supplying 5 VDC to the jack with things like USB adapters are definitely supplying much lower voltage than the OEM design. I changed my buck converter to 7.0 VDC and wired it right to the cap. Now I have the full features just like it was plugged into the wall and the correct DC supply voltage.

Parts and test gear mentioned in the video:

Drok Buck Converter
Uni-T Clamp Meter
IR Temp Gun
Milwaukee Multitool

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