Deluxe RV Water Filter System Review – Clearsource Ultra (Three Stage)

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A few years ago, a company called Clearsource contacted me and asked for a LYRV review of their dual-stage water filter system. They claimed it was built from the ground up with RVers in mind. The water filter hardware incorporated stainless steel connections and oversize canisters along with a powder-coated steel stand. The unit looked pretty slick, so I agreed to do a review.

Long story short, I was impressed with the product, and I decided to use it going forward. I even modded the steel stand to mount on the bumper at the back of my fifth-wheel trailer. With the addition of some brass quick connects the system has been ideal for freshwater tank fills.

Any time I need to add water to my onboard 60-gallon water tank for off-grid camping, I can quickly run it through the filters. It gives me peace of mind knowing my tank and plumbing is clear of debris, and our RV water supply is much healthier.

Aqua Tank to Clearsource Fill
Filling RV Fresh Water from AquaTank Bladder Filtered by the Clearsource

Since the original review/mod video, I’ve added a couple of update videos to let folks know how the unit has performed over time. You can find them here and here. When Clearsource contacted me this month offering to send out their new 3 stage filter system for a review, I was intrigued and looked forward to checking it out. Two filters have been good, so three must be even better!

Clearsource Ultra Photo

Disclaimer: Although I received no monetary compensation for my review, I did receive a free review sample of the Clearsource Ultra courtesy of ClearSource. – Ray

The new Clearsource Ultra is built on the same type platform and using similar hardware as the original, but they have added even better filtration. There is a 5-micron sediment filter and a 0.5-micron carbon block filter, but they have added a 0.2 microfilter to catch even smaller stuff like E. coli for example.

Clearsource Ultra Loading Filters

In this video, I give you a look at the new Clearsource Ultra water system and its three different filters. Then I hook it up and provide a demo of the unit in action. Also, I show you how my older dual-stage model has held up over the last 2 1/2 years of use. Other than minor fading of the blue canisters and black stand, everything is still working well.

Clearsource RV Water Filtration System Review Video


  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Oversized High Flow Heavy Duty Canisters
  • Quality Filters (2000 Gallons Service Life)
  • High Flow Rate
  • Thick Buttress Style Attachment Threads
  • Powder Coated Steel Stand
  • USA Company with Great Support


  • Pricey Compared to Others on the Market
  • Small Drip using my Old Hoses (Corrected with Brass Coupler)


As you can see, I find little wrong with the Clearsource products and have no problem recommending them to my RVing friends and neighbors who ask me, “What’s on the back of the rig.” :)

I plan to keep using Clearsource for our RV freshwater filtration. If any problems do crop up, I’ll be sure to let viewers know in future update videos. Cheers! Ray

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Video Review of the Clearsource Ultra 3 Stage RV water filter system

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