Neglected RV Water Heater Flush + Clearsource Filter Update

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I flush out my severely neglected Suburban SW6DE water heater after 2 1/2 years of full-time use. The anode rod is in a sad state with just a tiny bit of material left on it. My electric heater element is coated in calcium deposits. And, the floor of the water heater tank is jammed in mineral deposits.

So, I give the heater a good flush and replace both the anode rod and the heater elements with brand new ones. Plus, we take a look at the condition of the water filter cartridges inside my Clearsource water filter system after 6 months of use in the desert last winter. It saw a ton of hard well water pass through it.

The video shows the job step by step, including pulling the anode rod, element, and gas burner. The Suburban 6 gallon RV water heater gets a good flush out and cleaning. Then, I sew things back up and give everything a test.

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Flushing my Severely Neglected Suburban RV Water Heater plus an update on my Clearsource Water Filter System by Love Your RV

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