Energizer 2000W Portable Generator Review

In this video, I review the Energizer 2000 watt generator. (Model eZV2000P) First, we have a look at the controls, features, and included accessories. Then we remove the covers and have a look inside. After a tour inside, I perform various comparison tests against the larger eZV3200P 3200-watt model and my 8-year old Champion 2000 watt generator.

From 10 feet away I measure/compare the three generators dB noise levels at full RPM, in Econo mode and while powering a 1500 watt load. Then the 2000W generators head to head in maximum load tests using a 1500W electric space heater and an adjustable wattage heat gun.

eZV2000P Review Video


Overall I was quite impressed with the Energizer eZV2000P power output given its small size and weight. Build quality looks good. Fuel consumption is low. 1 gallon provides 15.5 hours @ 25% power output and 4.2 hours @ 100% output. Not bad at all

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Energizer 2000W Portable Generator Review and Comparison Tests

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