EZ Snap Boat & RV Window Shade Screens Installation

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In the video, I go through the process of installing EZ Snap window shade screens onto our 1976 CHB trawler windows. The boat came with custom stitched shades covering the large front windows, but there were many more I wanted to be able to shade if needed. The older trawler has no air conditioning, so blocking out heat would be helpful in the summer. Also, protect the window seals from UV when not in use.

I’ve used the EZ Snap shade products on my RV, and they are still working well. So, I was happy when the company offered to send me some for our boat.

RV Shades

Installation is very straightforward, with few tools required. Clean and prep the surfaces, measure and cut the shade material, peel and stick on the snap studs, add the snap pins, attach the material and end caps, and you are good to go. The shades are quickly taken on and off and rolled up for storage.

EZ Snap Boat and RV Shade Screen Installation

EZ Snap Boat Shade Screens Installation Video

After using them for the rest of the boating season, I’ll return with a review.

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EZ Snap Boat and RV Shade Screen Installation Video

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