Flow Max 40V Portable Power Cleaner – Demo and Review

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In this video, I unbox, demo, and give you my review of the new Flow Max 40V Portable Power Cleaner from Lippert Components (LCI)

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this LCI product sample free of charge for the review. However, I did have to pay around $100 CAD in cross border fees.

In my opinion, the Flow Max power washer may be a useful tool for some RVers. Full-timers who would like to carry a pressure washer on board, where storage space and weight are always an ongoing concern. Or, if you do a lot of off-grid camping and need to clean things up, it could be ideal. It’s compact and lightweight and puts out a respectable pressure of 520 PSI. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t compare pressure wise to a traditional heavy gas-powered washer but can still be useful.

Flow Max 40V Portable Power Washer Assembled and Ready to Go
Flow Max assembled and ready to work

The build quality is decent. Though its plastic, it feels reasonably robust and in early tests: no leaks! Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy. Battery life is adequate for most jobs at near 20 minutes per battery The unit sips water with 5 gallons lasting close to 8 minutes in my testing running continuously at full pressure.

Flow Max Portable Power Washer Kit
Parts and Accessories included

I’m often out boondocking and end up with a grimy rig or truck. I can see having a portable pressure washer will come in handy. With only a little bit of water, I can quickly wash off the worse of the stuck-on dirt. Some types of soil (especially in the desert) need to be removed promptly, or it turns concrete-like. Then it’s a real pain to remove.

Cleaning the RV with the Flow Max
Testing it out on some heavy grime and dirt

Other uses off the top of my head are cleaning RV undercarriage, stairs, jacks, BBQ, camp furniture, windows, sewer hoses, water heater flushing, awnings, window shades, etc. I’ve already pulled it out the other day to quickly remove what a flock of blackberry eating Starlings did to my camp chair! 🙂

Washing the truck with the Flow Max
Power washing the truck running boards

The only real drawbacks I’ve found so far are long recharge time for the battery packs. They take several hours to recharge. The PSI would be a little on the low side for some tough pressure wash jobs. And it doesn’t appear it’s able to hook up to a regular water spigot. Overall though, the Flow Max will be a welcome addition to my RV maintenance equipment arsenal.

Demo and Review Video – Flow Max 40V Power Washer

UPDATE: The Flow Max has since been replaced by the Power Max Pro

See my demo of it in action

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RV Gadgets - Demo and Review of the Flow Max 40V Portable Power Washer from Lippert Components

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