Power Pro Max Portable Pressure Washer – Camping Demo

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In this video, I demo a lithium battery-operated portable pressure washer from Lippert called the Power Max Pro. The Power Max Pro is Lippert’s new replacement to the previous Flow Max I reviewed last year.

Now that we are back out doing some RV traveling again, I’ve been able to test it out more. It has proved to be a handy gadget to have when dry camping, aka. “boondocking.” Even without water hookups, I can easily clean off dirt and debris from the rig’s hardware. 

Recently as we made our way out to the west coast of Vancouver Island, we passed through road construction that muddied up the landing gear of our trailer. The Power Max Pro took quick care of the mess. I’ve also found it helpful to clean off our Solid Steps before putting them away.

Dry Camping Demo Video of the Power Max Pro

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Lippert Power Pro Max Portable Pressure Washer Camping Demo Uses

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