FlowJet RV Macerator Pump Demos and Review

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Usually, a couple of times a year, Anne and I visit my sister and her family at their home in Victoria, BC. We can park our RV in the driveway and hook up to power and water, but no sewer.

Not having a sewer hookup limited our stay. Once the waste tanks filled up, we had to leave. Recently, my brother-in-law has offered to plumb in a port to utilize a macerator device to pump out our tanks.

The macerator pump hooks up to the RV sewer output. Inside it has four metal spinning blades that chop up any solids. It works sort of like a blender. The pureed waste is then fed into another chamber that has a paddle-wheeled shaped pump. The output of the pump connects to a 50-foot garden 3/4 inch hose.

Flowjet Macerator Pump Hooked Up

On the side of the house is a connection port utilizing cam locks. I connect the other end of the garden hose to it, and the waste flows into his main sewer output for the house. The macerator requires a 12V 20 amp power supply. Most people connect the wiring to the RV batteries for power. But I decided to wire up a plug to use my new Safari ME portable power station instead.

Macerator Hose House Hookup Port

FlowJet Macerator Powered by the Safari ME Power Station

There are many different varieties and brands of macerator pumps on the market. I chose to go with one of the more expensive makes and models called a FlowJet. I figure it’s not the type of product I’d want to cheap out on. It’s made in Mexico and comes in a nice carrying case. Other features include a wired remote switch and a freshwater flush out.

FlowJet Macerator Kit

So far, the FlowJet macerator works excellent! It can dump my trailer’s three 40 gallon waste tanks in about 15 minutes. I tried a dump into a toilet, and it does the job but produces a fair amount of odor. With the hookup into the home sewer pipe, there is no smell at all. Now we can visit as long as we desire without the need to break camp to dump.

FloJet Macerator Setup & Demo Videos

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