Quick and Clean RV Waste Tank Dumping Setup

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In this video, I show myself dumping our Keystone Cougar’s 3 RV holding tanks at a rest stop dump station. I show how quick, clean and efficient the task is with my custom sewer system setup.

The OEM sewer arrangement has been modded to allow my Waste Master sewer hose to always be connected, by way of a storage box mounted under the fifth wheel trailer.

There is no need to be fussing about connecting, disconnecting, rinsing and storing my hose in bins or bumpers. Sure saves time at the dump station!

The setup wasn’t exactly cheap, but we are full timers and use dump stations a bunch so well worth it to me for the convenience and less mess to deal with.

Demo Video with Footage from a Dump Station

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Super Quick RV Tank Dumping using my custom built sewer system with the Waste Master hose - https://www.loveyourrv.com

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