(LED-UV) RV Water Purification System Review – Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0

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I was recently contacted by a company called Acuva and asked if I would be interested in being an affiliate for their LED-UV water purification product. I said possibly but would first pick one up and give it a try for a few months, especially when boondocking, and get back to them. They were nice enough to send me one out the next day at no charge to test out.

So, I decided to publish an unboxing/installation video and then come back later with my product review. The model Acuva sent me is the ArrowMAX 2.0, the latest version for RVs and boats.

ArrowMAX2.0 Water Purifier System

The Acuva system disinfects the RV freshwater using UV LEDs and claims it eliminates “up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts, offering safe drinking water straight out of your tap. Never worry about the quality of your water source ever again.”

  • Provides flow rate of 2 liters per minute (0.52 gallons)
  • Can dispense 120,000 liters of water in its lifetime
  • Comes with Acuva™ Smart Faucet
  • It can be hooked up to multiple waterlines
  • High-quality polymer body casing
  • Stainless steel reactor inside for UV-LED disinfection
  • Chemical-free, mercury-free
  • Point-of-Use system for RVs, campervans, and tiny houses
  • NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ and NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO R&T

We already use an excellent 3 stage water filter system from a company called Clearsource, but due to my wife’s sensitive stomach, we still, when traveling, buy purified water. The Acuva purifier could put an end to that. Providing us that little bit of extra peace of mind to drink from our onboard tank water or at unknown campgrounds.


Installation was super easy, even for a lousy plumber like myself. The main UV-LED box attaches to the wall on a metal rail using plastic spring-loaded snaps. Included connections and plastic piping screw and press-fit together.

Acuva water purifier installed

Power is provided by wiring into the RV 12VDC battery system. A 3A fuse is required. Other models come with the option of using an AC adapter instead. Since I spent a fair bit of time camped off-grid, I elected to go with the 12VDC model. I ran the included cable down into my battery compartment and made the necessary 12VDC power and ground connections.

12V power hook up

Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 Water Purifier Installation Video

Ray Testing the Water

I’m pleased with how the installation turned out, and the water tastes great. I’ll be back in a few months after trying various campground water sources and boondocking to give you my full review.  Stay tuned, join the monthly newsletter list.

Review Update after Three Months of Usage

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Here is a video I found by the Acuva company for those who want to take a deep dive into the technology.

Installing and Reveiwing the Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED RV water purification system

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