Installing the LCI Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs

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In this video, I install to the Solid Step RV entrance stairs from Lippert Components. The Solid Step is designed to replace traditional fold-out or accordion-style RV stairs. The Solid Step assembly lifts and stows inside the entrance doorway.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this product sample free of charge for install and review.

The Solid Step has large aluminum treads, and adjustable legs for a solid footing on the ground when deployed, making it more like house stairs. Installation was quite straightforward, involving drilling pilot holes and screwing the top plate in place. Then adjusting the steps travel locking position for my particular sized doorway.

Video Detailing the Solid Step Installation

I’ll be using the Solid Step this summer and will come out with a review with my likes and dislikes in the future.  For some real-world user feedback, and opinions check out the video’s comment section over on YouTube

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