Installing the Solid Step Storage Box from Lippert Components

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The LCI Solid Step Storage Box is designed to fill the opening left if you remove the old OEM folding RV steps. It goes hand in hand with the LCI Solid Step entrance stairs I recently installed. The storage box is made of powder-coated steel with a locking rubber sealed lid. It’s capable of holding up to 100 lbs. In this video, I take you through my installation process.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this product sample free of charge for install and review.

The first thing required for installation is to mount a metal support bracket onto the trailer I-Beam (note: I-Beam needs to be 8″ or larger). This bracket attaches to the steel beam with eight self-tapping TEK screws. I centered the bracket, drilled small pilot holes, and screwed on the bracket.

Solid Step Storage Box Inner Bracket Install

Next, I mounted the storage box to the steel I-Beam bracket using two tabs they have riveted on the backside. Then finished the job by screwing in 4 flange bolts.

Mounting the Solid Step Storage Box

The box looks great, filling the void left by removing the old steps and coming in handy as extra storage. Plans are to keep our hiking and rubber boots in it. Overall I’m happy with the new storage box. It’s heavy-duty for sure!

Solid Step Storage Box Boots Demo

A few things I don’t like:

  • Use of the very commonly owned CH751 key
  • It adds an extra 40 lbs or so to our rig’s weight

One additional modification I’d like to do is utilize the old steps metal hangers to beef up the mounting even more. I plan to add a few extra bolts to the box’s side, attaching it to these old brackets. As avid boondockers, we often head down rough dirt and gravel roads to get to off-grid camping. 

Video Detailing the Solid Step Storage Box Install

Upgrading OEM CH751 Lock Cylinder to Different Key Cylinder

In this video, I swap out the standard CH751 lock cylinder in my Lippert Solid Steps Storage Box. I was able to get a replacement cylinder with a more unique key from a viewer that told me he had some for sale on eBay. The new lock cylinder also has a protective flap on the keyhole to keep road grime and dust out of the cylinder.

While I had the lock cylinder out I lubricated it with some Boeshield T-9 and then on reassembly added some Loctite to the bolt that holds the hardware in place.

Ron’s eBay sales page –
NOTE: supply may be limited

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Stay tuned as next I will be installing the optional Solid Step Lift Assist Kit.

Installing a Solid Step Storage Box from Lippert Components

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