Jomise K7 Dash Cam Review -1600P Resolution plus Traffic Warnings

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In this post, I review the Jomise K7 Dash Cam. The K7 has many interesting features, and the build quality and video resolution are good. However, it also has quite a few drawbacks, mostly to do with the software app and getting the files to playback on laptops or PCs.

Disclaimer: The Jomise K7 dashcam review sample was provided to me free of charge. However, I’m not affiliated with Jomise, nor was I monetarily compensated for the review. – Ray

In the video, I show the installation of the Jomise K7, then demo it in action on cloudy and sunny days and at night. I also show comparison footage at the same time from my Akaso Trace 1 Pro dashcam.

The most unique thing about the K7 is its green light and car in front moving forward alerts. So, I give you some real-world footage of that in the action.

Jomise K7 Dash Cam Review Video


  • Simple design with one USB cord to hook up
  • GPS receiver built into the dashcam
  • Solid feel to the plastics
  • 1600P video resolution
  • Decent performance in low light
  • Small form factor
  • Interesting traffic warning features
  • Simple and nicely responsive touch screen
  • Can do 60 FPS @ 1080P


  • Poor sound pickup inside the vehicle
  • Windshield mounting via a stick-on pad
  • Video files difficult to playback on my computers
  • Had to use a QR code to activate
  • App seems clunky to use and incomplete
  • 4G cell functions mentioned but not available
  • The app completely froze my phone once
  • Instruction manual too small of text
  • Greenlight alert works about 80 – 90% of the time
  • Unknown brand name to me
  • Support appears to be only via email
  • High Price


Overall, the Jomise K7 has good performance and cool features but needs some work. If the app software, usability, and support are refined, this can be a fairly decent little dashcam. But at this time, especially considering it currently costs $199, I can’t give it a thumbs up. 

Jomise K7 Dash Cam Review Green Light Alert 1600P Resolution

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