Love Your RV Snowbird Season 2015/2016 Recap

Another stellar RV snowbird trip is in the books. This season’s adventure spanned 5 ½ months from early November to late April and saw us venture as far south as Yuma, Arizona. We covered approximately 4000 miles and visited 7 states.

Compared to other snowbird seasons, though, we covered quite a bit less ground. Preferring this time to take shorter hops, staying in an area longer. We revisited several favorite locations and found a few new ones to add to the list.

Snowbirding Trip 2015 2016 Travel Map by Raytronx Travellerspoint

This year saw a continue to the trend of less stays in RV Parks and campgrounds and even more free boondocking and casino camping. Lower camping fees, less distance traveled and cheap diesel fuel made this southwest trip the most inexpensive ever. We used those savings to upgrade our off grid power systems and were very pleased with the results.

With 400 watts of solar and 4 big golf cart batteries, the generator spent most of its time stored away. A few other goodies like a battery monitor and improved converter charger were added to the boondocking power setup. Stay tuned for more on info on the upgrades in an upcoming post where I plan to give a detailed look at the full off grid power system including a video overview and schematic. (Subscribe to the Love Your RV monthly newsletter)

New solar soaking up the sun at Ogilby
New Solar Soaking Up the Sun near Yuma, AZ

Favorite Places Visited New and Old

Being it was our 5th straight year exploring in the US southwest we had built up a large list of fantastic camp spots we love to revisit but at the same time, we made a concerted effort to seek out new ones. This season saw a great mix of old prized locations and new top picks. What makes a favorite campsite for us? Beautiful scenery, a peaceful atmosphere and photograph/hiking opportunities, these 7 have that in spades.  For each, you’ll find a link to a detailed post packed w/photos and video footage.

Return Favorites

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Whitney Pockets BLM, Nevada

Bandon Beach, Oregon

Arch Rock Campground Valley of Fire SP, Nevada
Arch Rock Campground Valley of Fire SP, Nevada

New Favorites

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

Virgin River Gorge, Arizona

Dumont Dunes, California

Virgin River Canyon Campground our spot
Virgin River Canyon Campground. Arizona

Super Social Snowbirding

The year reinforced my belief that RVers are by far the friendliest folks out there. Much time was spent visiting with friends new and old. We partook in fun boondocking meets ups at Ogilby Road near Yuma, AZ and in the granddaddy of RV gatherings at Quartzsite, AZ. Spending almost a months’ time camped in meetups as RVers would come and go. Many memorable happy hours and sunsets were enjoyed!

Sunset on the Ogilby Meetup
Sunset on a Gathering of RVer Friends

We were also humbled by the hospitality of people that invited us to stay on their own property during our journey. Anne and I are most thankful for the generosity and enjoyed those stopovers immensely. Frankly, we’ve made more good friends in 5 years of fulltime RVing than in 30 years of stick and bricks living. Kind of the opposite of what you would imagine.

Here’s to Next RV Snowbird Season

The 2015/16 snowbird trip went very smoothly with thankfully zero major mechanical breakdowns and for the most part picture perfect weather. Plans are to head back for another dose of the southwest in six months’ time. For now, we will hunker down and enjoy a 4-month summer stay at an oceanside RV Park on Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to being in one place for a bit. But, I know come fall the lure of the open road and southerly desert sunshine will set us off on a brand new RV snowbird adventure.

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