New Ram 3500 Truck – Our First Hookup and Test Tow

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In this first video, I take a closer look at the factory Ram M20 fifth wheel hitch. Then Anne and I hook up our new 2018 Ram 3500 truck to our fifth wheel. Everything goes well, yay! Afterward, I check the bed rail and tailgate clearances and discuss a bit about the trailer level and options if we are too nose high.

Stay tuned for more when we are actually able to two the rig. we still need to put on 805 km (500 miles) before we can hook it up and tow a heavy load.

In this second video, we hook up our new Ram 3500 truck to our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel trailer and take it to a large flat gravel lot to test out the clearances. I check the clearance between the bed rail and fifth wheel overhang and the clearance between the tailgate, bumper and the front of the fifth wheel.

I also give you a look at how level the rig is front to back and show it in action turning and driving through a small dip.

First hookup and test tow with our new Ram 3500 truck - Checking clearances

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