New RV Awning Fabric Installation – Solera Universal Replacement from LCI

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In this video, I remove my Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailers original 10-year-old and badly worn Dometic 9100 power awning vinyl material. I replace it with a new Solera universal fit replacement from Lippert Components. 

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this LCI product sample free of charge for the install.

(See the Solera Universal Awning Fabric Color and Size Options on the LCI Store)

Video Detailing the New Solera Awning Fabric Installation

Rather than removing the complete awning hardware, including the support arms, I decided to just take off the roller tube. To do that, I first unrolled the awning about a foot or so and put a cotter pin in the torsion spring to keep it from unwinding violently. Then I restrained the spring-loaded support arms with zip ties.

Zip Tied Awning Arm

DANGER! Failing to properly restrain the support arms and roller tube torsion spring can result in injury or death. These items are spring-loaded. Read the manuals for your particular awning make and model and follow the recommended disassembly procedures.

Next, I cut away the old awning material and removed the two bolts holding the roller tube to the support arms. Once on the ground, I was able to easily replace the old material with the new Solera awning fabric. To do this, I needed to unwind the torsion spring with a pair of vise-grips and drill out the rivets holding the end caps.

Removing the Torsion Spring

Pulling off the old fabric

New Awning Material Mounted on Roller Tube

Once the new material was rolled on the awning tube, I riveted the end caps back in place and rewound the torsion spring, restaining it once again with the cotter pin.

Winding up the spring and inserting the cotter pin

Finally, with the help of a couple of RVing friends, we carefully guided the new awning material back into the awning top rail channel on the RV sidewall. To protect the thin vinyl material from any damage, I used some pool noodles and tape on any sharp hardware edges. I also sprayed silicone lube into the channel to make sliding in the end cord bead easier. We utilized a pair of ladders and my truck’s 8-foot bed as make-do scaffolding slowly moving it along.

Awning Fabric Install with Help from Friends

After a few minor set screw adjustments to make sure the awning material was centered on the roller tube and the RV sidewall channel, it was ready to use. Everything went relatively smoothly, and I’m happy with the new Solera vinyl awning.

New Awning Fabric Installed

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