Ogilby and Cibola BLM Campsites and Birds Birds Birds!

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In this video, I update you on the last few weeks of our South Western snowbird trip. I show our free BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campsites at Ogilby Road near Yuma, AZ and across the street from the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge south if Blythe, CA.

I give an overview using Google Earth on the locations and a 360-degree video sweep of where we stayed. The last half of the video shows the birdlife we witnessed on the wildlife loop drive at Cibola NWR. One time at sunrise and the other at sunset. Be sure to watch the last part of the video for max bird action. 🙂

To follow along our 2017/2018 Snowbird trip check out the playlist Snowbird Travels (2017 – 2018) on YouTube. I’ll be uploading new videos as we proceed.

*Update* New BLM Rules at Ogilby

Links to previous posts about the spots

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Camping at Ogilby and Cibola BLM Campsites and Birds Birds Birds by the Love Your RV blog - https://www.loveyourrv.com/ogilby-cibola-blm-campsites-birds-birds-birds/

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