Progressive Industries EMS Alerts Me to Low RV Park Voltage Problem

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Today I found myself staying in an older RV park campsite with relatively low voltage on the AC power pedestal feed. If I ran anything more than about 1500 watts, the AC voltage began to drop dramatically. For example, if I attempted 3000 watts, the voltage sagged to around 101 VAC.

I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to show how my Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System) warns me about it and kicks the power off. Once the voltage drops below 104VAC, it disconnects the incoming power input to protect the RV electrical system and devices plugged into it. The EMS LED display panel showed an error code PE4, indicating a low voltage condition.

Progressive Industries 30A Hard Wired EMS Surge Protector

I also show how I can visually monitor the voltage without the EMS using either my KillAWatt meter or a Drok LED display AC power meter I installed into my main power center.

PI EMS Low Campsite Voltage Demo Video

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Progressive Industries 30A Hard Wired EMS Surge Protector Low Power

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