New MIXTECH Starter Battery Installation – Ram 3500 Pickup

Mixtech Starter Battery Installation Feature Photo

Installation and initial test of a new starting battery from Discover Battery called the MIXTECH. MIXTECH is a patented technology that uses the natural movement of the vehicle to keep the acid inside the battery in constant circulation, ensuring uniform acid gravity, enhancing charge acceptance, eliminating acid stratification, and extending battery life. In the video, … Read more

Sneak Peek – Xantrex 240Ah Lithium Batteries

Xantrex Battery Sneak Peek Feature Photo

Here is a quick look at the start of my installation of 2 new Xantrex 240 amp hour lithium batteries. They will become the new heart of our Keystone Cougar trailer’s off-grid power system. I’ll soon be mating them up with a 3000W Xantrex Freedom XC Pro inverter/charger, then testing and reviewing the system during … Read more

Repaired Intermittent Power to Electric Trailer Brakes

Intermittent Trailer Brake Repair Feature Photo

As we started our snowbird journey south, we ran into a hiccup on the first day in the USA. After crossing from Victoria, BC, to Port Angeles, Washington, we were heading down Highway 101 along the Hood Canal when a warning message appeared on the dashboard. “Check Trailer Brake System”. Also, “Service Trailer Brake System” … Read more

Repaired Dometic DM2652 RV Fridge – Not Cooling Properly

Repaired Dometic DM2652 RV Fridge - Not Cooling Properly YT CoverSharpened-Softness

In this video, I repair my Dometic DM2652 RV refrigerator. It was having trouble maintaining a cool enough temperature. 40-42F degrees was as cold as it would get in the fridge compartment, and that was on the top shelf, usually the coolest location. Normally, it’s between 32-36F there. Luckily, it turned out to be a … Read more