Ram Factory M20 Hitch Update – Solved my Disconnect Issue

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In this video, I update you on a problem I was having with disconnecting my new Ram M20 fifth wheel hitch. In my 2018 Ram 3500 Truck Review After 2000 Miles of Towing, I noted that the hitch was finicky to uncouple. 

Well, I listened to tips from several commenters and have tried a few things figuring out what I was doing wrong.

I found out what I need to do is only lift the trailer a little way, not completely taking the weight off the hitch. Then pull the release and keep it all the way open using the retaining lever. Then continue to raise the trailer until the pin box and hitch just begin to separate vertically. At this point, I can pull the truck away from the fifth wheel, and the hitch jaws release easily.

I tried the factory instruction manual method of lifting all the weight off first, was hard to get the release handle to pull out, it would jam up, It must have something to do with my Air Ride Pinbox. It’s not like an OEM solid pinbox.

Its airbag and the shock absorber causes sort of a downward angle to the pinbox plate as it gets weight taken off. So found if I released the jaws before all the weight was off the hitch when the two plates were still flat it released every time. then I can keep raising until the weight it’s off the hitch and pull away.

I see this person had a similar problem and using a Trail Air pin box – https://www.etrailer.com/question-190036.html

Answer from Curt was:

I reached out to my contact at Curt and walked him through your issue and process to disconnect. He said the issue sounds like you are taking too much weight off of the hitch. The hitch needs a certain amount of weight on it to function correctly and release the lower portion of the kingpin. You may want to try a little more weight on the hitch and a bit less on the jacks.

My Ram M20 appears very similar to the Curt Model Q20 in functionality.  Some have asked, “What the white disc is on the underside of your Air Ride pinbox“? It’s a Curt Fifth Wheel Lube Plate. It’s Teflon and used in place of grease, much cleaner.

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