Random Summer Day in the Life of a Fulltime RVer

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A year and a half ago I recorded a Random Day in the Life of an RV Boondocker video while we were visiting Quartzsite Arizona and many folks seemed to appreciate it. So, I decided to repeat the idea and do a second “Day in My RV Life” video.

This time it takes place at one our summer RVing haunts on Vancouver Island. We’ve spent most of our last three summers in Campbell River, BC at the Thunderbird RV Park. This video shows an average type of day.

I’m an early riser up at around 6:30 am. I first spend a few hours answering email and online comments and working on my laptop while sipping on a cup of tea and taking in our campsite view of the salt water estuary. Next, I eat some breakfast and take our beagle Angie out for a morning walk. Our walk is roughly 4 miles round trip to the Discovery Pier on the waterfront. The journey runs past a boat yard and several marinas and through the downtown area on the way back.

Morning walk to the Discovery Pier

After our walk, I relax with a cup of cocoa watching the wildlife and soaking in the sun; then a few errands need to be run. I hit a fuel station filling up the truck and an empty RV LP gas cylinder. I also stop in at the local hardware store to pick up a few bits and pieces for an RV mod/upgrade I have planned for the afternoon.

By then it’s nearing lunch time. I grab my bike for a spin back down to the Discovery Pier and meet my wife Anne for lunch. Fish and Chips. Yumm! After a nice lunch on the pier, I head back and start my project. I upgrade the hinges on our trailers bathroom cabinets and add metal latches.

Fish and Chips

Now it’s early afternoon, and I spend a few more computer hours working on the blog, surfing the web and watching some videos. Around 4:30 PM a certain little beagle informs me it’s her dinner time. The insistent beagle gets fed, and Anne and I enjoy a happy hour outside before I barbecue some burgers for dinner.

After a bit of relaxing post dinner time, we head out the Tyee Spit for a stroll on a gorgeous summer evening. The day concludes watching the sunset followed by a little television before hitting the hay.

Random Summer Day as a Fulltime RVer Video

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