Reviewing the TadiBrothers Wireless RV Backup Camera

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Since installing the Tadibrothers wireless RV backup camera last month, I’ve had a chance to use it for a couple of hundred miles during our RV road trip south. The travel conditions have been demanding due to the dreary, wet weather, a good test for the camera’s performance.

So far I’m extremely pleased with this new addition to the rig. It is handy for backing into campsites but for me the killer application is using it as a rear view mirror. For years now I’ve towed our big fifth wheel dealing with the enormous blind spot behind it. With the new rear camera, I now have a clear view directly behind us and a good distance on each side. There is no chance of vehicles hiding back there.

I mounted the camera at the very back of the trailers roof in the center. With its wide angle view, I can see all the way back down the road to the horizon while still seeing any extreme tailgaters. I also see the traffic lanes on each side of the rig which is great on busy multi-lane interstates with vehicles merging in on my blind side.


Disclaimer: Although I received no monetary compensation for this review I did receive a free promotional sample of this wireless backup camera kit courtesy of – Ray

RV Backup Camera – Wireless Performance

Being a wireless camera system I was a bit apprehensive. I expected it may suffer from excessive noise and frequent signal loss. So far though it has for the most part been rock steady with a clear picture. The only glitches I’ve experienced were in dense urban environments. They consist of a quick blackout or stuttering of the video. I assume this is caused by strong wireless interference.

Display Image Quality

As for the video image quality, I can only rate it as fair when compared to say watching an HD video on a smartphone or tablet. A step up from the old standard definition but not what I would call full High Def. Although it does seem equally comparable to built-in hardwired backup cameras, I’ve seen in newer vehicles.



A couple more niggly image critiques are overexposed bright backgrounds and white balance. Compared say to my Sony camcorder or Garmin dash-cam the backup camera doesn’t handle a bright background near as well. The problem really shows up on a cloudy day. The camera doesn’t appear to have the Wide Dynamic Range needed to even out the exposure. Also, the display has a noticeable pink hue to it, and color saturation isn’t great.

Don’t get me wrong the picture is of sufficient quality for it’s intended application as a backup camera. It’s superior to most security cameras video I’ve seen. But, I thought is worth pointing out in the review.

Stability, Weather, and Low Light

Like I said I’ve gotten the chance to test the camera while traveling the windy coastal highway of the Oregon Coast. We have driven on several rough roads and through a ton of stormy conditions, fog, and heavy rain. The TadiBrothers camera system has performed better than expected.


With the aid of the camera’s metal cover plate, I haven’t had issues with rain drops on the lens and so far no leaks. The image is stable without vibration or jitter. I’m glad I mounted it to the solid back beam of the trailer roof.

Physical Quality of Components

The kit I received was well stocked with hookup wiring and mounting options. However, the quality of two of the display mounts is a little lacking, built with cheap plastic. In fact, on a cold morning, the suction cup mount broke the third time I used it.


Other than that though I happy everything else included, especially the camera itself. It has a substantial amount of heft to it and appears to be able to handle extremely rugged use. That’s great for us since we do a bit of off-road travel in our quests for those perfect off grid boondocking campsites.


  • Reasonably clear picture
  • Wide Angle 120 degrees (covers rigs blind spots well)
  • Large 7-inch display
  • Bright enough to see in full sun
  • Powers on quickly
  • Kit came with lots of accessories and hookups
  • Camera and display unit have a quality look and feel
  • Maintains wireless connection well, excellent range
  • Handles wet weather
  • Stable picture, no jitter
  • Good low light performance
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Simple to install
  • Company located in California, USA



  • Suction cup mount is cheap plastic (mine broke)
  • Sometimes picture glitches in urban areas
  • Good images but I wouldn’t call it perfect HD quality
  • Motion isn’t entirely fluid at highway speeds
  • Display white color balance leans a bit pink
  • Picture seems a touch overexposed
  • Image adjustments limited to brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • Expensive compared to others on the market

Video Review of the TadiBrothers RV Backup Camera


I wouldn’t call the video quality spectacular. But, considering it is a wireless camera it’s not too bad and clear enough for its intended function. The wireless part of the system is excellent in my opinion. It mates up easily and quickly with the camera and in my experience has suffered very few glitches and interference.

Overall I give the TadiBrothers wireless RV backup up camera system a Love Your RV! Thumbs up. It’s functioned well for us so far and is an excellent addition to our safety on the road. The system isn’t the cheapest on the market but does come with a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 support from the LA-based company.

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I recently switch my backup camera to a different brand called Haloview. I have found it has a better picture than the Tadibrothers and also records video footage onto an SD card.  Here is a link to my Haloview Model MC7108 Review

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