Reviewing the LiONCooler Solar Freezer w/removable Lithium Battery

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In this post, I demo and review an interesting portable fridge/freezer product from ACOPOWER. Their LiONCooler portable fridge/freezer has the ability to be powered by an AC outlet, DC car charger, and a solar panel. Even cooler is it comes with a removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can power the LiONCooler all on its own!

ACOPOWER LiON Cooler Solar Freezer Review Collage

The model I review is the X40A with a 42-quart capacity. Other models available are 32 quarts and 50 quarts. First, I compare the size and food capacity to my existing portable fridge/freezer. Then I go through several unique features that most of the other similar products on the market don’t have. These include built-in wheeled transport, removable/rechargeable lithium battery, and the ability to be directly powered by a 90W solar panel.

*Fair Disclosure* I received the products in the video free of charge from ACOPOWER in exchange for reviewing them. Iā€™m also an affiliate earning a commission on sales. This is sponsored video, and I’m in their affiliate program. However, opinions remain my own, and I have full editorial control.

LiONCooler Solar Freezer Demo and Review Video

So far, I’ve found the LiONCooler has performed well in my various tests using its battery, solar panel, and car charger. It can keep the food at deep freeze temps as low as -4F with only around 30 watts or so of power drain. I plan to keep using it as we camp off the grid for the next couple of months and return with a longer-term review video. Stay tuned, Ray.

Link to LiONCooler Website – 10% off using coupon code LYRV

ACOPOWVER LiON Solar Freezer image

3 Month Review Update Video

In this video, I’m back with an update after a few months of use.  Overall, not much new to report. The Lion Cooler has performed as advertised and has been a handy addition for off-grid camping. I mainly use it as a freezer to expand my existing RV fridge which has a rather small freezer compartment. Link to more info on the new model, the Lion Cooler Pro mentioned on the update.

ACOPOWER LiON Cooler Solar Freezer Review

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