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Why Casinos?

Along with our Thousand Trails Zone Pass, Boondocking and Walmart Parking lots we have recently added Casinos to our low-cost camping options.  I had heard of overnighting at the casinos before but never gave it much thought as we are not big gamblers. But on our recent snow bird adventures this year we have tried it a few times and now really like it as an option. When I say RV Casino Camping I really mean a spot in a large parking lot to spend the night in the RV for free. Many Casinos also have nice full hook-up RV parks for a price, but what we are generally after is a decent place to stop for the night when in travel mode and driving long distances. In travel mode we aren’t interested in campground amenities or sightseeing, but just want a place to sleep, grab a bite to eat, and fuel up. So if we can avoid spending money on an RV Park that’s gravy.

How do I find them?

There are several methods to find a Casino offering free RV parking. One is a great Ipad App called Allstays Camp and RV. You can also use the Allstays directory right online in a web browser for free. Just pick a state, then click camping map and use the Casino filter. Now the map will be showing all the Casinos and when you hover over and click the markers you’ll get details on that Casino. Another helpful website is CasinoCamper.com which shows the Casinos on a map as well, let’s you know the ones with free overnight parking and has reviews from other members. Once I have picked a Casino that looks good I will usually do a quick web search including the name and keywords like “RV parking” and “review” and it usually yields some addition information on the place.

allstays casino map

What to do when we arrive?

When you arrive at the Casino best thing to do is find the on-site security and ask about overnighting and where is the preferred parking area for RVs. This is also a good time to ask about whether you can use the jacks and stabilizers on blocks or not. Some places frown upon this as it may damage the pavement. For the most part use your common sense when it comes to how many things you can do and not bother anyone. Example: Some places I would never pull out a generator because it’s to close to other folks but other situations where the parking lot is huge, I’m well away from anyone and it’s there noisy anyway I’d go for it. I try to get a spot along the edge of the parking lot as far out of the way as possible where I can deploy my slide out over the curb not into anyone’s way. Finally make sure you keep your spot as clean or cleaner than you find it and have nothing leaking out of the RV. I think the number one reason RVers get prohibited from overnighting is people being pigs and leaving behind garbage and worse yet dumping gray water on the lot.


What are the perks?

There are many benefits to RV Casino Camping as a quick overnight stop over:

  • Great Security – Almost all Casinos will have 24 hour security, very good parking lot lighting and video surveillance. Compared to a Walmart or Truck Stop I feel much more secure.

  • RV Amenities – Many Casinos catering to the RV crowd will have free sewer dumps, garbage bins, fresh water fills and fuel stations with prices a few cents cheaper than the norm.

  • Excellent Food – The quality and prices on eats is what the Casino’s use to attract customers so overnighting there allows you to take advantage. Most have great buffets or super cheap breakfast deals and free coffee, tea and soda.

  • Easy Access – Casinos are generally located near major roads and their large parking lots allow for easy maneuvering of our big rigs.

  • Entertainment – They are Casinos after all! We usually will take 10 bucks each and play the penny slots for a while. This trip we are up a few bucks as I had a big $46 dollar winning night. 🙂

Any Casinos you recommend?

Having only gotten our feet wet recently with RV Casino Camping I only have two so far that I found to be very good free stop overs.

  1. The Red Earth Casino down south of Palm Springs, CA on Highway 86 on the west side of the Salton Sea was an ideal stop over. They are a nice new Casino with multiple free sewer dump stations, fresh potable water fill, and low fuel prices. The decent sized parking lot had nice views of the surrounding hills. There is also a store and little café with great burgers.

  2. Cher-AE Heights Casino just off Highway 101 north of Eureka, CA is perched above the Pacific Ocean with gorgeous views of the bay below. They have potable water taps to hook up too and very friendly staff. A shuttle van driver will pick you up and drop you off right from your RV door to the Casino Door. They have a really nice restaurant with beautiful views of the ocean. We took the money saved on overnight camping and treated ourselves to some delicious seafood.

Red Earth Casino    Cher-AE Heights Casino

Anything else?

Being relative newbies to the Casino scene we haven’t yet figured out he whole Player’s Card thing. But I understand that by joining the various Casino clubs you can get some amazing discounts on food and gambling. Also they will send out coupons and you may win some prizes.

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