RV Heating Upgrades – DIY Furnace Filter and Wireless Thermostat

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In this video, I show you a neat little wireless thermostat for our RV electric space heater and my DIY mod to install a filter in the RV gas furnace’s cold air return grill. For the furnace filter, I used a sponge type I picked up a Home Depot here in Canada. It can be cut to size. I used velcro to hold it in place on the OEM wood cold air return grill.

The wireless thermostat turns power on and off to a plugged-in space heater. We can put the wireless control and thermostat right next to our bed for more consistent heating on cold nights. Also if it’s too hot or cold, we can manually adjust without getting out of bed!

At the end of the video, I remind you of a giveaway I’m having celebrating when I pass 50,000 subs on YouTube. I’m giving away my slightly used Winegard Wifi Booster kit valued at near $500 dollars. Stay tuned for that video. Subscribe to the Love Your RV! YouTube Channel and hit the notifications bell.

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A couple simple RV heating upgrades I made. Installed a DIY furnace filter and added a wireless thermostat for a space heater - https://www.loveyourrv.com

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