RV Waste Tank Valve Tip

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RV Waste Tank Valve Tip

I’ve just finished replacing the black waste tank valve on my Keystone Cougar 276RLS fifth wheel and have a little tip for you. The main reason my black tank valve needed to be replaced was due to a crack forming near the pull rod output hole. I believe this was from me having to use extra pressure to open and close the valve. It tended to get quite sticky and require a lot of force. A good way I learned to keep the waste tank valves running smooth is to spray a little silicone lubricant on the push rod shaft every so often. Make sure you use 100% silicone spray. Silicone won’t harm the rubber gasket material used inside the waste tank valve. I don’t recommend using WD40 as it is petroleum based and may eat the rubber gaskets.

valterra waste tank valve

If your valves are easily accessible it might be a good idea once a season to remove, disassemble  and clean them. Before reassemble coat the gasket rings with some silicone plumbers grease. If not easily accessible a little olive oil down the toilet seems to help keep the black tank valve lubricated.

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