RVing Tip Anti Spill Waterhole Travel Dog Bowl

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This is a little tip for anyone traveling with a pet inside the RV. Get yourself one of these anti-spill pet bowls. They have a snap-on lid to keep water or food on the inside and floppy ears on the outside.

I would never have thought to buy one but thankfully a friend gifted me one last fall. I’ve loved it ever since. Our beagle Angie travels in the back of the pickup truck with us and it was too messy to have a normal water bowl back there. I’d always have to remember to give her a drink when we took a break on the road. Of course, sometimes, I would forget and the poor thing would arrive at the next campsite very thirsty.

Dog Bowl and anti spill lid

With the water hole pet bowl, she always has a supply of fresh water back there and it hasn’t once spilled during our sometimes rough roaded journeys. It’s also been a perfect bowl for outside the trailer at the campsite and on the boat.

It’s much harder for her to knock it over and when tipped over completely on its side still holds most of the water in. It keeps her long floppy ears out of the water and Angie really seems to like drinking out of it.

Angie the Beagle takes a drink out of the water hole dog bowl

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