Twenty Thousand Subscribers! Thank You! Beagle Tricks!

Thank You Video for 20,000 YouTube subscribers feature photo

Just a quick blog post and video to thank all you viewers who have subscribed to the Love Your RV! YouTube channel. We just surpassed 20,000 subs! Amazing, I’m blown away by the support. Thank you for all the thumbs up and the overwhelming positive comments. Much appreciated. In many of my videos, Angie my … Read more

RVing Tip Anti Spill Waterhole Travel Dog Bowl

Angie the Beagle takes a drink out of the water hole dog bowl

This is a little tip for anyone traveling with a pet inside the RV. Get yourself one of these anti-spill pet bowls. They have a snap-on lid to keep water or food on the inside and floppy ears on the outside. I would never have thought to buy one but thankfully a friend gifted me one … Read more

RVing with Dogs

Angie the beagle

Introduction Anne and I have traveled many times with our two beagles along with us, Oscar a 45 lb. male and Angie a much smaller 20 lb. female.  It is one of the reasons we decided to see North America in an RV. We desired to embark on a one year trip and couldn’t imagine … Read more