Screen Shot RV Door Closer Installation + Mod for Challenger Door

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In this video, I install an auto RV screen door closing device called the Screen Shot. The Lippert Screen Shot is designed to fit right-hand hinged Lippert screen doors. It consists of a spring and a cloth strap inside a plastic tube. At each end of the tube are plastic mounts specially designed to fit into grooves on a Lippert screen door frame.

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this Lippert product sample free of charge for review.

Unfortunately for me, our 2011 Couger trailer has a Challenger brand door not compatible with the Lippert Screen Shot. So, I ended up doing a modification to the Screen Shot plastic end pieces and drilled a couple of holes in the door frame to make it work.

Warning! My modification will likely void the warranty.

Screen Shot Challenger Door Mod
Screen Shot Challenger Door Mod

Screen Shot Installation How-To Video

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Lippert Screen Shot RV Door Closer Installation including Mod for my Challenger Door

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