Shifter Transmission Cable Failure – Ram 2018 3500 Truck

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Recently our Big Blue 2018 Ram 3500 pickup truck suffered its first breakdown and required a tow. Luckily it’s still under full warranty, and I was not far from where I bought it.

Big Blue on Tow Truck

I went to leave a parking space and reversed out, but when I went to put the shifter into drive, it wouldn’t go and felt suddenly sloppy. I tried to shift back into park, but no go either. The truck would only go into reverse or neutral. Turns out an adjustment clip had come loose on the shifter cable.

Shift Cable Steering Wheel End
Shift Cable Transmission End

The automotive mechanic at Bill Howich Chrysler fixed the problem by reseating and adjusting the cable. However, he decided since the vehicle was under warranty and I tow a fifth-wheel trailer to replace the cable to be 100 percent sure of the repair. I was happy about that. The last thing I want is a failure like this when towing.

Shift Cable - Mopar (68261253AC)
Shift Cable MOPAR Part # 68261253AC 

In this video, I show you how the cable is hooked from the column shifter through the firewall and down to the transmission connection.

Video Detailing the Shifter Cable Failure

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Shifter Cable Failure on Ram 2018 ST 3500 Cummins Pickup Truck

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