Spectacular Wildlife Scenes – Whitewater Draw, Arizona

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In this video, I stitched together some of my favorite footage from a 3-day camping stint at the Whitewater Draw State Wildlife Area in southeastern Arizona. Remarkable wildlife viewing plus beautiful sunsets and sunrises! 

Scenes include an estimated fifteen to twenty thousand Sandhill Cranes taking flight at sunrise, a passing squadron of 11 Javelinas and massive flying balls (murmurations) of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds bursting forth into the sky. We were so pleased to be able to make a return visit this year.

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Review of My New Sony Video Camcorder – Used for this video

Camera Gear that I use:

Video footage from our 3 day camping visit to Whitewater Draw State Wildlife Area in southeastern Arizona - https://www.loveyourrv.com/spectacular-wildlife-scenes-whitewater-draw-arizona/

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