Big Baby Blue Our 1994 Ford F350 Truck

1994 F350 Ford 7.3L IDI Truck Feature Photo

Our Friend Big Baby Blue I’ve had several requests through email and in comments on the blog and YouTube to give a little more information about our truck. You likely have seen him in my photographs. He is a 1994 Ford F350 truck that we affectionately nicknamed “Big Baby Blue”. Blue came to us like … Read more

Lesson Learned – RV Starter Solenoid Meltdown

Melted Jumper Cables Feature Image

This is a story of a near RV fire scenario which lucky for me and a few burns on my hand didn’t happen. My old 1989 Ford Camper Van that we affectionately call “Daisy” started to act a little strange and sometimes drain the starter battery. It was no big deal as I carry a … Read more

Tips for Saving Money When RVing

Money Saving Tips Feature Image

Introduction Being that we aren’t yet famously wealthy and unable to work the six months we spend down south visiting the United States during the winter, we really have to watch our budget. In the last four years traveling full time in our RV, we have figured out some ways to be frugal and save … Read more