Installing a SRNE 50 amp DC-DC Charger MPPT Solar Controller Combo

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This video looks at a new battery charging product offering from SRNE model MD1250N05. It’s a two-in-one DC-DC Charger plus MPPT solar controller putting out 50 amps of battery charge power. This enables you to charge the RV house battery bank via solar panels or the vehicle’s alternator using just one device.

I first review the features and look at the various ‘plugs/connections and what they do. Then I hook it up to a solar panel array and my truck’s alternator for real-world testing.

So far, the product looks pretty decent, but I have a few questions for the manufacturer. I could not get the charger to charge with the solar and alternator simultaneously. Also, I couldn’t get into a mode where the solar panels could charge the starter battery. Stay tuned for a second video for my complete product review after more testing and answers to my questions.

SRNE DC-DC Charger with MPPT Initial Test Video

SRNE 50 amp DC-DC Charger + MPPT Installation

In this video, I installed the SRNE DC-DC Charger I tested last week. I decided to swap out my existing Renogy 40A charger to provide a longer-term real-world review. Stay tuned.

Update – How to turn on hybrid charging mode (Solar + Alternator)

In this video, I explain how to set the SRNE charger to work simultaneously from solar and alternator in combo mode. The setting to change is N13. Switch it from alternator to solar.

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