TOPDON 30000 Lithium/LA Battery Charger Review

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The Tornado 30000 charger charges 6/12/24 volt led acid and lithium batteries. It also includes 12V and 24V constant power supply modes. It’s an intelligent charger with nine stages and a lead acid battery repair mode.

Testing Tornado 30000 Charging 12V Lithium Batteries

In this part one video, I review the main features of this versatile battery charger from TOPDON. Then perform multiple tests, including powering high amp DC tools, charging lithium batteries, and using the 12V lead acid repair mode. Everything worked well except for my 12V VIAIR air compressor. The Tornado charger would run its compressor but die when the air hose was turned on.

Testing Tornado 30000 Powering a FloJet Macerator Pump

Fair Disclosure: The review sample was sent free of charge. However, I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the video.

Tornado 30000 Review Part 1 – Features & Initial Testing

Stay tuned as I plan to use the Tornado 30000 charger over the next few months and return with a part two video containing a longer-term review.

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TOPDON Tornado 30000 Battery Charger Review

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