Truck Cockpit View When Towing – Gauges, GPS and Cameras

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In this video, a quick look at the dashboard view in our 2018 Ram 3500 truck set up for when I’m towing. I go through all the different items I have installed and gauges I use to help me safely tow our fifth-wheel trailer around.

LYRV Truck Cockpit View - Gauges and Instruments pic small

For gauges, I have the basic OEM ones that come with the barebones 2018 Ram 3500 ST model. When towing, I usually set the customizable center dash gauge to display coolant, transmission, oil temps, and oil pressure. I’ve added an aftermarket Guta TPMS to keep track of tire pressure and temperature. And a Bluedriver OBD Bluetooth dongle connected to a phone displaying various exhaust gas sensor temperature readings.

For GPS, I have the Garmin RV with a 7″ display. I use a 7″ Haloview display mounted via Velcro straps to my rearview mirror to keep track of what is behind me. Everything is mounted out of the driver’s field of view and with minimal wires.

Cockpit Setup in my 2018 Ram 3500

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LYRV Truck Cockpit View - Gauges and Instruments

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