Update on My Fluid Film & Boeshield T-9 Reviews

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In this video, I update you on the performance of two products I have recently reviewed for corrosion prevention and lubrication. Both products worked well at preventing rust on the metal parts of the RV and both have excellent lubricant properties. Overall though I have to give the nod to Boeshield T-9 as my favorite of the two.

The Boeshield left less of an oily film behind, so it attracted less dust and dirt than the Fluid Film. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better suited to use on moving parts such as hinges, locks, gears, and sliding mechanisms.

However, Fluid Film is more economical, so it has its place. I’ll likely still use it on metal areas where I’m not concerned about a thin layer of dust forming over. Parts such as the trailer frame undercarriage, back bumper, and the suspension hangers and springs.

Boeshield T-9 Versus Fluid Film Review Update

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Update to my Boeshield T9 and Fluid Film Reviews

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