10 Recent RV Repairs – How Are They Performing?

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In this video, I update you on how ten of my recent repairs to our RV are making out. Did the work, or didn’t they? First and foremost, the rotted slideout floor repair and the cracked waste tanks, along with many other minor ones.

Our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel is nearing the 9-year-old mark, and we pretty well live in it on a full-time basis. It has also seen around 80,000 miles of towing, with some being off-road. So, I can’t be too surprised; it needs some TLC once in a while. Glad I’m able to do the work myself. I hope my experiences help other RVers with similar problems.

Video Update on 10 Recent Repairs

Videos Detailing Each Repair

  1. Cracked Waste Tanks
  2. Rotted Out Slide Floor
  3. Fresh Water Tank Falling Out
  4. Jammed Black Tank Valve
  5. Broken Tail Light Fixture
  6. Squeaky Roof Vent Fan
  7. Leaking City Water Fill Port 
  8. Broken Window Blind Strings
  9. Intermittent Awning Switch
  10. Ripped Awning Fabric

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10 of my recent RV repairs updated - How did they perform?

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