Alpha Systems SuperFlex Roof Installation – Replacing RV Slide Membrane

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Last spring, I teamed up with Lippert to install and review RVing products as what they call a “Lippert Brand Ambassador.” Over the course of the summer of 2020 and into the fall, I installed/reviewed about a dozen different items.

This spring, they have reached out again. They asked if there are any other products from their website that I’d be interested in reviewing or using for a project. With a quick scan of the store, I was excited to learn they are now exclusive distributors of Alpha Systems RV maintenance products. Our ol’RV needs some TLC after the long winter, so they are right up my alley. 

Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received the Alpha Systems product samples free of charge from Lippert for the installation & review.

For over 35 years Alpha has been a staple in supplying RV OEMs, dealers and retail customers with quality products. 

Alpha Systems products

For my first project using the Alpha Sytems products, I have decided to replace my RV slide room’s roofing membrane and reseal all the trim and flashing. I’ve split the details of the project into two videos.

(Part 1) Disassembly & Removing Old EPDM Roof Material

In this first of two videos, I do a quick intro of the Lippert Alpha Systems products. Then I remove the metal flashing and peel off my 10-year-old OEM EPDM rubber roof from our fifth-wheel trailer’s living room slide out.

Our Keystone Cougar is now over 10 years old, and the slide-out roof is looking a little worn. In many places, the underlying black rubber was showing through. Thankfully the underlying wood roof decking looked to be in good shape overall. It won’t need too much prep.

(Part 2) Installing SuperFlex Membrane & Resealing Trim/Flashing

In part two, I install the new SuperFlex roof membrane from Alpha Systems. I also reinstall and seal the trim and flashing with various Alpha Systems sealants. Under the flashing, I use their Q130 1/8″ x 3/4″  butyl tape. On the roof seams, I used the self-leveling lap sealant. And on the sidewalls, I used the non-sag sealant for vertical surfaces.

Overall the roofing job went smoothly, and so far, I’m pleased with the Alpha products. Both the SuperFlex roof membrane and various sealants appear to be of excellent quality. Time will tell, though. I’ll come back in 6 months to a year and give you an update on their performance.

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Alpha Systems SuperFlex Roof Installation - Replacing RV Slide Membrane

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