Routine RV Roof Maintenance (Inspection and Leak Protection)

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With the end of our latest southern desert snowbird season coming to an end we will soon be making our way north and west along the Oregon and Washington coasts and into BC for the spring and summer.

As we leave sunny California behind, the prospect for rain increases dramatically. I needed to check the roof. After five months of desert dryness and sun, I find this is a good time for an inspection and maintenance of my now 8-year-old rubber roof on the Keystone Cougar trailer.

I usually wash it with Dawn dish soap and clean any stubborn dirt with a rag and some Acetone. Then carefully inspect the EPDM rubber roof material and seams for any defects and wear.

In this video, I go over what I check and why and give tips on products I use. I also point out several of the more leak-prone areas of the RV roof. Places to keep a sharp eye on.

RV Roof Maintenance Howto and Tips Video

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Tips and tricks and advice for maintaining your RVs rubber roof to prevent leaks

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