Cleaning & Lubing RV Waste Valves + Black & Galley Tank Flush

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In this video, I detail how I flush my black and galley RV waste tanks and clean and lube the waste valves. Since I dry camp (AKA boondocking) so much of the year, the tanks and waste plumbing tend to be more prone to gum up. This is due to trying to conserve our freshwater supply and exasperated by the fact I utilize a macerator pump to fill a sewer tote.

Macerator Pump Hooked up to the RV

First, I add an RV tank treatment and let it sit in the tanks for several days. I then fill and empty them several times. Next, I use flushing wands. I have a rotary sprayer wand that I feed down the toilet. I use a narrow water heater wand for the galley tank. The galley drain has been modded to utilize a HepVo waterless trap. This makes for easy access to the galley tank.

Black Tank Flushing Wand in Toilet

Flushing the Kitchen Waste Tank

After the tanks are cleaned and flushed, I use my landing jacks to raise and lower the front end of the trailer to allow the tanks to be fully drained. I then tip the front end up so that the only tank that may drip during the waste valve removal is the shower tank.

Electric Waste Tank Valves

Next, I removed and cleaned my shower, galley, and black waste valves. After cleaning, I lubed the valve gate faces and rubber gaskets. For access to the valves, I have cut out sections of the Coroplast underbelly material under them. I use 2.88″ Gorilla tape to help reattach and hold it until next time.

Lubricating Waste Valves

Waste Tank/Valves Flush & Clean Video

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