Drain Master Electric Waste Tank Valve Installation with 1 1/2″ Adapter

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In this video, I upgrade the old manual push rod galley waste tank valve to a Drain Master electric valve. Back in the summer of 2018, I upgraded both my black and bathroom waste valves to electric. Both have performed well. Link to those install videos

Pro Series Drain Master Electric Valve

This installation makes all my waste tank valves electrically controlled via remote switches located in the RV’s wet bay area. I’m so glad to complete the trio. The galley valve rod handle was located in a hard to reach spot between the tires and under our slide-out room. It was even more of a pain now that we are wintering in our fifth-wheel trailer with RV skirting install all around it.

Waste Tank Locations

RV Skirting installed

Disclaimer: The electric valve kit was provided to me free of charge for the install. However, I’m not an affiliate for DrainMaster.com, nor was I monetarily compensated for the review. – Ray

Drain Master Electric Valve Install Video

The installation was fairly straightforward, and DrainMaster.com provides top-notch documentation and support. The only tough part for me was the old valve’s location under the middle of the trailer between the axles. It made for a cramped working environment.

Old Valve Location

Luckily I had previously cut an access flap in my Coroplast underbelly to install my SeeLevel tank monitors. It was right beside the galley waste tank output drain pipe. I cut the 1 1/2 inch ABS drain pipe with my Hackzall and install the new electric valve. Since it was mounted so close to the tank, I decided to leave the old manual valve in place and just leave it open.

New Valve Installed

For DC power, I tapped into some wiring that the OEM had conveniently routed nearby. There is a 12V feed right from the RV battery bank and a ground. Both were of sufficient gauge to handle the amperage required by the electric valve. I also added the required 5 amp inline fuse for safety.

DC wiring

Finally, I connected the 4 pin data cable and ran it to where I mounted the power switch next to my other two electric valve switches, and the job was complete.

Switch Install Complete

It’s so nice to have all three tanks dumping with a push of a button. My wife Anne loves it. We now have the complete Drain Master sewer solution with their Waster Master hose and storage box, 360 Siphon roof vents, HepVo waterless drain traps, and Drain Master Pro-Series Electric Waste Valves. Things flow smoothly in our RV!

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