Clearsource Ultra Mini Water Filter Review

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Over the years, I’ve used and reviewed a couple of water filtration systems from Clearsource. First, a 2-stage model and then a 3-stage model. Both were extremely well-built and worked well. Last year, though, I tried out a competitor’s (Blu Tech) much smaller unit and preferred it for the much-reduced size and lighter weight. Both are significant advantages for RVing travel, where storage space and cargo capacity are at a premium.

This fall, I was contacted and asked if I would like to test out and review Clearsource’s new compact model, the Mini Ultra. It looks like they also have a smaller, lighter version of their popular three-filter system. In part one of my review, I reviewed the filter features and build quality of the Ultra Mini and then gave you an off-grid demo.

Clearsource Ultra Mini 3 Stage RV Filtration System Review Photo

Fair Disclosure: I received a review sample free of charge. I received no money and maintained full editorial control over the video content.

Ultra Mini Review – Part 1 Features & Demo

I’ll use the filter system for the next 3-4 months of desert boondocking and come back with part two, my longer-term review.

3-Month Review Update – Low Flow

In this video, an update on the performance of the Clearsource Ultra Mini RV water filter system after three months of use. I use the Ultra Mini, mostly off-grid, fed by a 12V RV water pump from a water bladder. When the filters were new, I tested 4.1 gallons per minute of flow. That is now down to 1.6 GPM. I installed new filters, and the GPM is now back to 4.1. It looks like the virus guard filter was badly clogged up.

6 Month Update

I’ve been using the Clearsource Mini water filter system for a little over six months now, and I’m back with another update for you. Using it for full-time RVing for 3 months seems to be the usable filler life before they restrict flow too much. Other than that, I like the system.

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